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iDrive Driving lessons Harrogate low cost cheap lessons
Pass your driving test with iDrive - call today to book your  Lessons.
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iDrive Driving lessons Harrogate FREE LESSONS

New Drivers - iDrive want to help you pass your driving test - so call today to book your  starter LESSONS.


iDrive Driving lessons Harrogate INTENSIVE COURSES

At  iDrive we offer intensive courses which enable you to learn to drive over a short period of time.

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iDrive Driving Lessons Harrogate low cost cheap Driving Lessons

Various Driving Courses/Services Offered By iDRIVE



What other courses do iDRIVE Offer?  




PASS PLUS - Driving Lessons - Harrogate

What is PASS PLUS?   PASS PLUS is a voluntary scheme designed by Driving Standards Agency. The aim is to develop the knowledge and skills of newly-qualified drivers and broaden their driving experience.

The course consists of at least 6 hours of driving covering subjects such as dual carriageways, motorway driving, driving at night and in all weathers. There is no test at the end of the course. On successful completion of the course, the relevant paperwork is sent to the DSA and a DSA certicate issued.

Enhanced PASS PLUS scheme

North Yorkshire County Council's (NYCC) scheme is targeted at the dangers new drivers face on North Yorkshire's roads.The course costs 174 but all you pay is 87 because NYCC subsidises half the cost.

To qualify for the subsidy you must be resident in North Yorkshire, have passed your test in the last 9 months and attend a 2 hour new driver discussion group.

For those who do not qualify for the enhanced Pass Plus scheme, the standard Pass Plus scheme is available at the normal rate - still the best value PASS PLUS course around! If you pass your test with IDRIVE and commit to PASS PLUS a discount is available. 

Benefits of PASS PLUS

Once you have successfully completed the course you will receive a PASS PLUS certificate which may entitle you to a car insurance discount with selected insurance companies.

In addition, you will have developed your driving experience on hazardous city, dual carriageway motorway and rural roads making you a safer, more confident driver for life.

Find out more?

To book a PASS PLUS course or to find out more information, speak to your qualified iDRIVE PASS PLUS instructor on 0843 289 1423 .


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Refresher Courses - Driving Lessons - Harrogate

  • When was the last time you looked at the highway code (last revised September 2009)?
  • How much has changed since you passed your test? 
  • Are you feeling out of practice behind the wheel?

iDRIVE can help you build your confidence and get you safely back on the road with a series of refresher lessons. We really enjoy helping people get the most out of their driving experience, and feel that we are particularly strong in this area of driving expertise.

With roads becoming busier and busier everyday, it is important that you feel confident and comfortable whilst driving. If you haven't been behind the wheel for a while, or just want to improve your driving skills, a tailored course of refresher lessons may be just what you need.

Refresher driving lessons will benefit you greatly if:

  • You passed your test quite a while ago but have not driven much or at all since.
  • You have had a break from driving due to circumstances or health.
  • You have let your driving skills get slightly out of practice.
  • You are an international driver who needs to become accustomed to driving on the left
  • You were involved in an accident either as the driver or passenger.
  • You have maybe lost your confidence.

We have had a lot of success helping people to gain confidence in themselves and their driving ability.

However, most drivers would benefit from a Refresher Driving Course. Driving safely and competently actually saves you money by reducing wear and tear on your car. Over time we all develop our own driving style and bad habits and many drivers would actually admit they would fail the Driving Test if they re-took it today. All iDrives Refresher Courses are designed on an individual basis after assessment by a professional instructor. Book a two hour assessment, where we can start to work on getting you confident and generally improving your driving skills, any further sessions can be arranged on an individual as needs basis.

Need more information?

Contact iDRIVE for more details about our refresher driving courses in Harrogate.


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Motorway Training- Driving Lessons - Harrogate

Once you have passed your driving test you are legally able to drive on motorways, having had no previous experience. Motorways can seem daunting even to experienced drivers and to people who simply don't need to use them very often but the principles of driving on them are quite simple.

Motorways and dual carriageways have the highest speed limit of all UK roads. The speed limit on a motorway is 70mph, and too many people drive along at even faster speeds at times. Unfortunately, there are a large number of drivers on the road today who don't cope well with driving on motorways.

People pass their test, go on the motorway for the first time where the speed and volume of traffic can be frightening. Quite a number of drivers feel very uneasy about driving on motorways, and avoid them. iDrive believe that this fear is often simply caused by lack of driver training.

Hence we recommend drivers to have at least two hours of motorway training, covering:

  • Preparing for and understanding motorway driving
  • How to Join a motorway
  • Lane discipline on a motorway
  • Overtaking on a motorway
  • Leaving the motorway
  • Understanding motorway traffic signs an road markings
  • How to deal with emergency situations 

Need more information?

Contact iDRIVE for more details on our Motorway Training in Harrogate.


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Fleet / Advanced Driver Training - Driving Lessons - Harrogate

iDrive is aware of the dangers drivers face today on our busy roads today, whether driving for pleasure or for business.

Our Fleet / Advanced driver training aims encourage a safe driving culture within a company and its drivers.

All of our courses have been designed to improve driver safety and also incorporate the latest driving techniques in order to reduce vehicle-running costs.

These courses are aimed at reducing the personal and financial costs to a company or organisation of road traffic incidents involving staff and the public. Approximately 65% of road traffic accidents involve a vehicle driven on company business.

Companies can be seriously impacted by the costs of accidents involving staff whilst driving in their own time or on business. Together with the personal suffering of employees and families, organisations can suffer significant financial loss when an employee is involved in a road traffic incident.

Advanced Driver Training incudes:

  • Defensive driving
  • Road risk assessment
  • Improved hazard awareness
  • ECO safe driving

Successful completion of the course should lead to reduced vehicle running costs and fuel consumption. This may also entitle you to a car insurance discount with selected insurance companies.

Do you drive over 10,000 miles per annum? Within 12 months you could re-coup the cost of this training.

For information regarding Fleet / Advanced Driver Training schemes -

Contact iDRIVE.


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SAFED vans - Safe & Fuel Efficient Driving (ECO Driver Training):

Designed as a single course aimed at improving the safe and fuel efficient driving techniques for van drivers.

UK Road Safety Ltd ECO Driver Training programmes benefit both drivers and organisations as follows:

  • Reduced crashes by the fleet with the associated reducuction of costs
  • Reduced fuel costs through more efficient driving styles
  • Motivated drivers who have received high quality training
  • Introduction to improved fuel management practices to help improve fleet management
  • Reduced maintenance requirements through improved vehicle use
  • No impact on journey times
  • Reduced Fuel consumption - typically around 10%

For further information regarding the SAFED scheme -

Contact iDRIVE.


Find out more?

To book any of these courses or to find out more information, speak to your qualified iDRIVE instructor on 0843 289 1423 .


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Become A Driving Instructor

iDrive can help you achieve your career goal of becoming a driving instructor.

For a personal consultation regarding becoming a driving instructor -

Contact iDRIVE.


Find out more?

To book any of these courses or to find out more information, speak to your qualified iDRIVE instructor on 0843 289 1423 .


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